Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dead Space 2: Advertisement Campaign

For those of you who have played Dead Space, you know that the game is incredibly violent and gory.  If there were ever a game that deserved its "M" rating, it would be Dead Space.  Now, Dead Space 2 is launching on January 25th, and EA has launched a completely ridiculous advertisement campaign:

Let me ask you this, if this game is inteded for people 17 years old and over why would EA market this towards a 25 year old who's mom doesn't affect his game choices?  Clearly this marketing is geared towards the teen audience, which is absolutely unacceptable.  No 13 year old should ever play Dead Space, no matter how mature they think they are.  I have a difficult time playing Dead Space and I still get freaked out to the point of dropping my controler.  A game or movie like Dead Space could scar a child for life, so please, know what your kids play and make informed decisions about what they should be exposed to. 

However, enjoy the video, some of the responses are pretty priceless.

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